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10-Day-Old Triplets, Their 4 Sisters, Mother, Aunt, Running From Cameroon’s Armed Conflict Grounded!

By Eric Tataw – Tuesday October 15, 2019.

Picture of the triplets, their four sisters, mother and aunt, a total of nine with the exception of their father taken in Douala, Cameroon by National Telegraph’s Susan Nfor early Tuesday October 15, 2019.

Three babies, all girls, born in Douala, the capital of Littoral Region also the Economic capital of the Central African country, Cameroon have remained grounded. The 10-day-old triplets have gone for days without proper nutrition, decent shelter and basic needs, National Telegraph has been told.

Discharged at the largesse of hospital administration, the triplets more or less are caged in a shabby, dark and unventilated one room with no toilet system or anything near human habitation, National Telegraph’s Susan Nfor describes the living condition in tears-tearing manner.

The triplets are forced to share the already unventilated room with seven others; their four sisters, aunt, mother and father. Were’re ten in this little room, National Telegraph is told.

The duo already had four other children; all girls with the first aged 10, second, 6, third 3, and the fourth; 1 year, 6months. These bring the total number of children to seven girls. There’s an eighth girl, 20-year-old Pangmweh Sharon, kid sister to the triplets’ father.

The newbies were only discharged from the ADLUCEM Medical Centre Sable, Akwa Nord, Douala, the hospital from where they were delivered after hospital management decided to write off the hospital bills.

A total of 100.000 F CFA (approximately $ 170.00) was contributed by patients and caretakers in the hospital reducing the total hospital bill of 381.125 F CFA to 281.125 F CFA, before hospital management wrote off the balance, hospital sources have told National Telegraph.

Njinepok Kingsley, 29, father of the triplets revealed they’re originally from Ndop, a restive town in Cameroon’s North West Region engulfed in an armed conflict.

Nupah Rahimatu, 25, mother of newbies told National Telegraph the babies were born on Saturday October 5, 2019 and discharged on Saturday October 12, 2019. The three girls are yet been named, she said.

The family is also in dire need to feed the seven children, get basics for the triplets, sanitary pads for the mother. The children have been out of school since the beginning of the armed conflict. Family says it has delegated a certain Alieh Gwendoline with Mobile Money Number’ 678166766 for any assistance. Those out of Cameroon can also call through same number.

Njinepok Kingsley also said they were doing well before the armed conflict broke out but had to migrate to Douala after his goods and chattels were burnt and he was left with nothing.

Cameroon’s North West and South West have been under a deadly armed conflict for over three years with armed groups battling to restore the statehood of the former British Southern Cameroons now called Ambazonia.

Over two million (2.000.000) people, mostly women and children have been either internally displaced or living as refugees in Nigeria and other countries, way over thirteen thousands (13000) killed, over four hundred villages (400) burnt down by the Cameroon military with something in the neighbourhood of five thousand (5000) held as war prisoners across detention facilities in the country.

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