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Paul Biya Celebrates, While His Military Intentionally Shoots, Kills 3-Month-Old Baby In Muyuka, May 20.

By Eric Tataw and Dieudonne Fombat, Monday May 20, 2019. Paul Biya is Cameroon’s President since 1982. He was celebrating the country’s National Day in the capital, Yaounde while his military was shooting and killing civilians in the North West and South West including a 3-month-old baby in Muyuka. A 3-month-old baby has been intentionally shot and killed, Monday May …

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Cameroon’s Supreme Court Receives Special Notice On Ambazonia Leaders’ Case.

Cameroon's Supreme Court Receives Special Notice On Ambazonia Leaders' Case.

By Eric Tataw – Sunday May 19, 2019. Judges at Cameroon’s Supreme Court in one of their sessions. The Supreme Court of Cameroon, the country’s highest judicial body has received a special document on the case of ten Anglophone separatist leaders held in detention at Kondengui, a detention facility in Cameroon’s capital, Yaounde, National Telegraph has been told. On Thursday …

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