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8 Refugees Killed In Fresh Clashes With Locals In Northern Uganda.

By Sarah Mazirwe – Kampala, Uganda, Sunday September 13, 2020.

SP Josephine Angucia – Police spokesperson for Uganda’s West Nile Region.

Eight refugees have died during fights between the locals and refugees in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in Madi Okollo in northern Uganda, National Telegraph has confirmed.

The incident happened in the evening of September 11, 2020 in Tika 1, Block D , Rigbwo Subcounty in Madi Okollo district where Rhino camp refugee settlement is located. 

Police has so far arrested 28 suspects to assist with the investigations.

“It’s alleged that on the 11/09/2020 at about 1730 hours, one Ajute Rahman Yassin was looking after cattle near the resettlement camp and that he was assaulted by refugee youths.


Ajute Yassin ran to his uncle a one Olega who is the LC II chairperson of Kwili Parish, Odraku village, Rigbwo sub county,” SP Josephine Angucia, the police spokesperson for West Nile region said.

Angucia also said Ajute was rushed to Olujbo Health Center III for treatment in that process one of the ladies from Olega’s family ran to the trading centre informing boda boda (bicycle and motorcycle taxis commonly found in East Africa) riders that Ajute had been killed by refugees, hence the angry mob organised, went and attacked the refugee settlement camp, killing six and injuring four others.  

Rhino Camp Refugee settlements is one of the settlements in Uganda with a population of 96,000 refugees, harbouring refugees from war-hit South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.  


The government through the Office of the Prime Minister has over the time been implementing conflict resolution programs to solve the pending impasse arising from the struggle for the share of resources between the locals and refugees near and around the refugee camps. 

United Nations High Commission for Refugees with the government last year launched 50/50 policy that seeks to share resources with the host communities to harmonise the relationships between the refugees and locals. 

Currently, Uganda hosts 1.4 million refugees with many coming from South Sudan, DRC, Somalia, Burundi, and Rwanda among others.

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