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Adamawa Governor Reacts To Deadly Accident That Killed 23.

By Bashar Musa

Kildadi Taguieke Boukar , Governor of Adamawa

The Governor of Adamawa, a Region in Cameroon has reacted to reports of an accident that killed several persons and wounded dozens, Wednesday January 23, 2019.

Twenty-three (23) people have perished in the accident that occurred on the Touboro-Ngaoudéré highway in Adamawa Region, National Telegraph has learned.

According to the Governor, an inter-urban transport bus belonging to Touristique, a travel agency left Touboro for Ngaoundéré, when it was crushed by a truck on the highway.

 Kildadi Taguieke Boukar also revealed that the truck driver lost control of his vehicle before the accident occurred. 23 persons died on the spot while wounded victims were taken to a nearby infirmary, eyewitnesses have said.

Reports say some of the corpses were taken to the Ngaoundéré Regional Hospital Mortuary. Cameroon is suffering from bad roads and reckless driving that have led to numerous accidents.

News of the two ladies on a motorcycle recently crushed in Bertoua of Cameroon’s East Region is still fresh. Their bike was running at breakneck speed before it was crushed by one of two trucks plying that area. Many other accidents have been recorded beginning this 2019.  

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