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African Countries With Zero COVID-19 Deaths.

By Sarah Mazirwe – Kampala, Uganda, Wednesday July 8, 2020.

As global death COVID-19 cases touch half million people, (about 543,595), five African countries have not registered deaths resulting from COVID-19.

As reported by Africa Centres for Disease Control (CDC) Uganda, Namibia, Lesotho, Eritrea and Seychelles haven’t registered COVID-19-related death cases.

COVID-19 was first reported in Africa on February 14, 2020 in Egypt, which has since roamed across the continent leaving no country unaffected.

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However, five of 54 African Union member states have survived through the storm and have not registered COVID-19 death related cases.

As of Tuesday July 7, 2020, Africa’s death cases stand at 11,674. This is mismatch of what World Health Organization (WHO) had earlier predicted on COVID-19 situation in Africa.

In early May, WHO Regional Office for Africa said about 190,000 people would die of Coronavirus in Africa.


As of July 7, 2020, Uganda so far has 953 cases, with 892 recoveries, inclusive of foreigners.

Seychelles has only 81 cases with 11 recoveries, Namibia has 539 cases with 25 recoveries, Eritrea has 215 cases with 56 cases while Lesotho has 91 cases with 11 recoveries.

A total of 494,459 cases have been reported in Africa as of June 30, with 238,072 recoveries and 11,674 death cases.

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