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Alarming Rate Of HIV Positive Among Sex Workers In Zimbabwe.

By Jones Jackson

Alarming Rate Of Hiv Positive Among Sex Workers In Zimbabwe

According to reports by the United Nations, at least 50% of sex workers have been affected by the deathly HIV virus. According to sources, it has been noted that the selling of sex is not only common among transgenders, but also among men selling sex to other men.

It was stated that the rise of the affected individuals was as a result of inaccessibility to condoms and unawareness of the importance of the use of condoms.

According to a report, a prevention program has been launched and more individuals have been reached as compared to recent years.

National Telegraph gathered that sex work is illegal and punishable by law. Some sex workers stated that their more vulnerability to this deathly virus has also been caused by the police.

They went on that they suffer police harassment when caught with condoms added to charges as fines.

As a result of this harassment and charges they face, most if not all of the sex workers have cut off from involving in sex aid programs for fear of harassment and charges by the police.

According to recent reports, HIV prevention group initiatives which have been launched will help to improve the health of sex workers and the population as a whole.

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