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Ambazonia Chris Anu Speaks Out At Long Last!

By Eric Tataw – Sunday February 10, 2019.

Ambazonia Chris Anu Speaks Out At Long Last!

Chris Anu – Communication Secretary, Ambazonia

Chris Anu, a Pro-Independence avant-garde based in the US and acting as Communication Minister of Ambazonia, an outlawed country that’s trying to create its own state from the government of Cameroon has finally made a statement on a controversial topic that went viral.

“Yeah Chris Anu is a man of integrity. If he didn’t handle that post many things would have gone wrong in this revolution. Very true. I like his open-mindedness in many issues that have cropped up. May God keep him and soften him. He is just being human.”

This is one of the many messages circulating on social media after a screenshot was shared, purportedly from Anu detailing his resignation from the outlawed government. No further information was provided on other minutiae.

Chris Anu has however on Saturday, February 9, 2019, confided in some activists that he hasn’t resigned. Chris said if he has to resign, he would write an official resignation letter to his “government”, National Telegraph was told.

 In the face of the news of his resignation, many of his supporters expressed love and wrote touching messages that circulated on social media;  

“Chris, we can’t agree with your resignation, please soften your heart and listen to the people of Ambazonia, you have served so greatly, and perfectly, up to where we are almost to sound our trumpets  to the  land of glory.

Ambazonia will not afford to miss to receive your triumphant entry to Buea, like Jesus did when he descended from the mount olives, to enter Jerusalem. Like all the Christians gathered to, honour him, with their clothes  on the ground, palm fronts, etc., so shall it be on the day you and your IG, will be entering Buea.

This is how the tremendous crowds of Ambazonia will receive you. Chris, a revolution is the people. You are the people’s choice, we can’t afford to miss u at this time. We are winning, and had been, bc of your relentless efforts and support for the revolution.

You’re highly, as our high vocal secretary of Communication for Ambazonia, listen to the cry of the people. You are our big player in the revolution. May God bless you and continue to strengthen your efforts in the revolution”, a certain Anjoakoh posted on social media.

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Tina Nganda February 11, 2019 at 6:48 am

Debunking such rumors is good but Sako should also say something. I believe there is no smoke without fire

malis February 12, 2019 at 2:11 am

Chris Anu presentation today the 11 February 2019 “CLEANING THE HOUSE, AND MOVING FORWARD” was a bomb. I will donate to ABC.

I truly admire Chris Anu.


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