Ambazonian Fighters Claim First Major Lockdown Action, Attack Cameroon’s SW MINESEC Boss.

By Eric Tataw – Sunday February 3, 2019.

Ambazonian Fighters Claim First Major Lockdown Action, Attack Cameroon’s SW MINESEC Boss.

The service car of Dr. Hannah Ngoto Etonde, Regional Delegate of Secondary Education for South West has been burnt down.

A group of Anglophone reservists operating in an undisclosed sphere within Cameroon’s restive South West Region has attacked the residence of a senior adherent of Cameroon’s Secondary Education Sector over news that she must flout lockdown in Buea, capital of Cameroon’s South West Region, National Telegraph has confirmed.

Reports say the group of armed men who identified themselves as Ambazonian fighters stormed the residence of Dr. Hannah Ngoto Etonde epse Mbua, Regional Delegate of Secondary Education for South West and set her service car ablaze.

The incident that took place at about 12:05 AM GMT, (Cameroon Time) Monday, February 4, 2019, at the Delegate’s residence around First Trust Bank, Soppo, a popular precinct in Buea is in response to a statement the Governor of the South West made, the armed men have said.

Bernard Okalia Bilai had issued a statement warning all government workers to show up on duty against the wishes of the armed groups that had announced what they call a National Lockdown in the two English-speaking regions of the North West and South West.

These two regions, National Telegraph learned are wrapped in an armed conflict with its residential armed groups fighting for the restoration of the statehood of the former British Southern Cameroons what they now call Ambazonia.

The armed groups are routinely enforcing Ghost Towns, a form of civil disobedience against the state observed every Mondays during which all businesses are closed down and transportation paralyzed.

Just a few days ago, Anglophone reservists reacting to a call from the Interim Government (IG), an outlawed government piloting the armed conflict from abroad, instituted a 10-day lockdown to run from Tuesday, February 5 to Thursday, February 14, 2019, while maintaining the regular Ghost Town.

The lockdown according to the reservists is meant to shut down government activities and show they’re in control of the unruly regions.  Governor Bernard reacted by issuing a warning, saying he would suspend salaries of civil servants who respect the IG’s orders.

The attack on the Regional Secondary Education boss according to the armed men is a clear example of what would be dished out to any government official who dares to disrespect their orders.

They’ve described the Governor as a “Paper Tiger”, adding he can only issue statements that end at the corridors of his office. The armed men have insisted that the lockdown must hold despite threats from the Governor, promising to deal with defaulters in their dwellings at night.    

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