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American University Student Hits Zimbabwean President.

By Eric Tataw

Wenyika Masaya from Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital is VP of the African Students Association, WVU .

A graduate student of an American-based University has voiced disbelief at the ongoing situation in Zimbabwe. Wenyika Masaya from Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital now studying Chemistry in West Virginia University said, Thursday January 24, 2019, that it’s sad a government Zimbabweans thought was ushering in a new era; one of peace and prosperity, has turned out to be more brutal than the previous one.

Wenyika Masaya who’s also Vice President of the African Students Association at the West Virginia University (WVU) told National Telegraph that in every major instance that the people of Zimbabwe have exercised their Constitutional Rights to register dissatisfaction by protesting, the Government has responded with brutal force, he said referring to the brutality of Government forces in the past and presently.  

He continued that it has become clear that the government’s use of force is only escalating amidst Zimbabwe shutdown. Through the security forces, the government has gone a step further to violate the citizens’ rights by invading private homes and assaulting innocent people, he lamented. The Chemistry graduate student noted that the government seem to have no solution to the economic woes plaguing Zimbabweans. 

Wenyika described its Government as one that is convinced that the solution to the economic crisis is to pretend it doesn’t exist and to silence all those that speak about the privations. A government that would rather lie to itself and people, than to join up with elements of the public that can help solve our nation’s problems, he said.

The crisis of governance that is in Zimbabwe is not unique to us but common across Africa, and I believe it is high time the ordinary citizens of the continent band together to address this common demon and come to each other’s aid, Wenyika has told National Telegraph.

Dozens of Zimbabweans have been killed, hundreds beaten and many more detained as Government clamped down on protesters demonstrating against the Regime. Violence erupted following hike in fuel prices which saw the cost increased by more than 200% to $3.31 per liter.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa aka the Crocodile, known for his brutality had promised a new Zimbabwe after ousting Robert Mugabe. But before long, rights groups have already accused his Regime of gross brutality. Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission has been quoted as saying Zimbabwe forces have engaged in “systematic torture” of protesters.

The President had issued a statement condemning violence by security forces. “Violence or misconduct by our security forces is unacceptable and a betrayal of the new Zimbabwe,” he tweeted, adding that “Chaos and insubordination will not be tolerated. Misconduct will be investigated. If required, heads will roll.”

Mnangagwa also blamed protesters stating that what followed was regrettable and tragic. Everyone has the right to protest, but this was not a peaceful protest. Wanton violence and cynical destruction; looting police stations, the President said. Zimbabweans have carried placards calling on the World to come to their aid.

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