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Another Crisis Baking In Cameroon As Bamenda Residents Vow To Take Out Cooking Gas Vendors.

By Eric Tataw – Washington DC, USA, Friday, December 6, 2019.

Barrister Akuwiyadze Joseph, a member of the Cameroon Bar and Defense Team of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius and Co (Leaders of Cameroon’s Secessionist Movement jailed in Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital for declaring the independence of Ambazonia, a country armed groups in the two English-speaking regions are trying to restore), may just have been right that the International Community should step in and solve Cameroon’s problems.

As the armed conflict extends over time, like an untreated lesion, other complications are naturally appearing uninvited. Clockwise, from top left on a different kind of stroke, one expected by now an intense air should have entranced civilians’ lives. Yet, on pulling its weight, the government of Cameroon prefers to mansplain a whole lot of muddled up events to the International Community.

Unfortunately, as Paul Biya (President of Cameroon) and his ‘men’ ascribe the phenomenon of the Anglophone crisis to a combination of overconfidence and cluelessness of its military, based on the premise she will win the war, the aftermaths are well-known.

From yesterday, and now today, a new generation of irate youths and residents is emerging to definitely join the already radicalised lots holding overloaded guns in the bushes, ready to fight until ‘Buea’

And that generation is already being hatched in Bamenda, capital of Cameroon’s North West Region. A resident who spoke to National Telegraph from the city said the local population is seriously exploited over cooking gas prices.

According to a source, the people supplying cooking gas in Bamenda are becoming more and more exploitative. The situation looks glum and may later never be cheered up. They have been using the advantages of bad roads in Bamenda to increase the price of a bottle of gas to 9000, a resident lamented.

Independent investigation reveals the actual cost of a bottle of gas is sold at 6500 FCFA and 7000 in some places. Even if they increase the cost because of the road up by 1000 to the normal price, we shouldn’t have bothered, a resident said, adding going up by 2500 F CFA is exploitative and unacceptable.

Other residents say they have suffered extensively since the last lockdown in October during which gas vendors took the advantage, increased prices to nine and ten thousand in some cases.

Residents have vowed they’ll stop any further distribution and disrupt deliveries of cooking gas in the city, citing Buea and other cities where gas is refilled at between six and seven thousand.

Vendors have howver put the blame squarely on the regime. Many say insecurity has increased the cost of transportation plus the bad roads, making every day and everything complicated. But for how long will cooking gas be sold at close to $20 a bottle to people who have gas right under their noses?

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