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Bangladesh’s Chawkbazar Fierce Fire Consumes 75.

By Ben Aktar – Thursday February 21, 2019.

Bangladesh’s Chawkbazar Fierce Fire Consumes 75.

Nearly seventy-five (75) people have died in the Chawkbazar in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Nearly seventy-five (75) people have died in the Chawkbazar area of Dhaka, capital of the Asian country of Bangladesh, Abhijeet, a dweller in Dhaka who witnessed the incident has told National Telegraph

Abhijeet went on that the fire was first spotted in a building with parts as a chemical warehouse before spreading to nearby structures, late Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

Ali Ahmed, Chief of Fire Brigade Department in Dhaka has been quoted as saying the fire started from a gas cylinder before it moved to the aforementioned building where chemicals were preserved.

“There was a traffic jam when the fire broke out. It spread so quickly that people could not escape.”, Ahmed said, adding that the flash move to four near chemical warehouses which also had residents.

Ibrahim Khan, the Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police told National Telegraph the victims included amongst others, members of a bridal party, people outside the buildings and some customers at a restaurant.

The police say many of the affected were entombed in the buildings when the fire broke out. Although the situation has been contained, nearly seventy-five (75) persons are confirmed dead while some injured persons are receiving treatment in nearby infirmaries.

Still, this February, some nine (9) persons died after a fire that occurred in over two hundred (200) slum lodgings in Chittagong, a city in Bangladesh.

Officials confirmed more than fifty (50) other persons were injured including four members of one family counted amongst the victims. A short circuit was amongst the suspected causes of the fire that started at the Bhera Market slum, National Telegraph gathered.

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