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Biden, Harris Present Enticing Agenda For African Diaspora, Pledge To Eliminate Harsh Trump Policies.

By Amos Fofung – Washington DC, USA, Saturday, October 31, 2020.

Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden and his Vice, Kamala Harris.

Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden and his Vice, Kamala Harris are stating why winning the November polls will have far-reaching benefits not just for Americans but to the African diaspora residing in the United States and way across the Atlantic Ocean to the 54 countries in Africa.

Unveiling the Biden-Harris agenda for the African diaspora, the Democratic presidential candidates have presented alluring, friendly, and sophisticated policies geared at reversing the “devastating effects” of policies the Trump administration has done in the past four years.

Pledging a total do-over in sectors that affect the African diaspora such as immigration, economy, and education, among others, the Democratic nominees were unanimous that for decades the African diaspora has contributed significantly to the US economy and deserve better.

The agenda is already enjoying wide acceptance and is heavily gaining momentum. Emphasizing on the fact that where you are born should not be a determining factor to your success and limits to what you can achieve, Biden and Harris were categorical that “through employment and educational exchange programs, many African immigrant communities have flourished in the United States, building a new generation of highly educated and socially conscious Africans.”


Promising to do away with policies of the current administration such as immigration which they say is nothing short of ‘inhumane’, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris say it’s time to preserve the longstanding principle of America’s immigration system, keeping families together by providing a roadmap to citizenship, reversing travel bans aimed at decreasing legal immigration to the U.S., including the Muslim travel ban which has severely impacted Nigerian, Sudanese, Somalian, and other diaspora communities and also restoring America’s historic commitment as a place of refuge for those fleeing war or persecution.

The duo set to claim the leadership of America after November polls were categorical in stating that “the African diaspora community is one of America’s most diverse communities, inclusive of people who speak multiple languages, come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and practice various faiths. While unique on some fronts, culturally, people of African descent also share similar values.”

Recognizing the fact that the Africa Diaspora is one of the fastest-growing immigrant groups representing nearly 2 million first- generation Americans, Biden and Harris acknowledge the importance of instituting economic policies that will back black-owned ventures especially as the American economy recovers from the Coronavirus pandemic.


“The COVID-19 pandemic has led to millions of people losing their jobs, pay, and health care, and hundreds of thousands of small businesses closing for good. President Trump’s failed response to the pandemic has only worsened the economic crisis in our country, including in the African diaspora community. A stronger, more effective reopening requires putting measures in place to ensure workplace safety, to restore consumer confidence, to support communities and small businesses, and to provide all Americans with the help they need to get back to work,” a section of their agenda outlines.

With regards to education, Joe Biden says he will support educators by giving them the pay and respect they deserve, ensure that ZIP code, income, race, or disability does not determine any child’s future or ability to attend college or university by eliminating funding gaps…and investing resources to help students grow into physically and emotionally healthy adults.

Providing access to affordable education and training beyond high school, tackling unmanageable student loan debt, and support colleges and universities that play unique and vital roles in their communities, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions will also be a priority for Biden once in the White House.


Acknowledging and appreciating the dominating role the African community represents in the health care sector, Biden plans to implement over-the-edge policies for those he described as brave and compassionate.

Vis-a-vis US-African policy, Biden seeks to take to the White House his decades of foreign policy experience and a demonstrated commitment working on Africa. Advocating a mutually respectful engagement toward Africa, Biden once again restated his commitment to supporting democratic institutions on the continent in advancing lasting peace and security; promoting economic growth, trade, and investment; and supporting sustainable development.

His agenda is already gaining heavy momentum with Philomina Desmond, Co-chair of Ad4b stating that “the adoption of AD4Biden’s policies recommendations is yet another affirmation of the Biden-Harris Campaign’s commitment to equity and inclusion of the African Diaspora communities into political process. This is unprecedented. This is why our community will turn out in record numbers to vote for Biden-Harris and down-ballot Democratic ticket”

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