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Soldiers Shoot, Kill 2-Year-Old In Kumbo!

By Eric Tataw with files from Kumbo.

Lifeless body of 2-year-old

Cameroonian soldiers have shot and killed a toddler who’s yet to turn two, locals have told National Telegraph. The little girl who according to family sources is less than two was shot several times on the head by soldiers loyal to Paul Biya, Cameroon’s sit-tight President since 1982. According to reports from eyewitnesses, the toddler was shot at Rohkimbo, a locality on the way to Shisong in Kumbo, a war torn town in Bui Division, a precinct in Cameroon’s unruly North West Region.

The incident that occurred in the early hours of Wednesday January 23, 2019 has been described as the height of atrocities. “This is the height of atrocities this morning in Kumbo. A less than two-year-old kid shot by the military”, a local told National Telegraph by telephone. The little girl and her mother were taking refuge before the military killed her and shot the mother on the leg.

Since October 2016, Anglophone minorities have been fighting for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons. This erupted after Paul Biya clamped down on peaceful protesters. Since then, the military has resorted in the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians including pregnant women, children and disabled. Hundreds of houses have been burnt down and the armed conflict shows no sign of ending just yet.

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