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Cameroon: 36-Year-Old Dies In Prayer Position.

By Ken Neba, Yaounde, Cameroon – Monday November 18, 2019. 

Rosaline Laure appears to have died in a position of prayer.

A 36-year-old lady has been discovered dead in her residence at the Komba neighborhood of Bonaberi, Douala IV Sub-division, Wouri Division of Cameroon’s Littoral Region, Monday November 18, 2019. 

According to the father of late Rosaline Laure, her daughter who up to her demise was selling cooked food in the neighborhood had accused him of being a wizard and abandoned the house. 

The cause of her demise for now is not yet known but Rosaline Laure was last seen, Friday November 15, 2019, sources confirmed to National Telegraph.

It was the pungent smell of her near-decomposed body that alerted inhabitants of the Komba neighborhood to discover her dead body, said an on-the-spot source.

Rosaline Laure was discovered dead in a position suggested by eyewitnesses as though she might have been praying before her demise. 

Sources say the corpse is still in same position as discovered while the police is still awaited to come remove the decomposed body.

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