Cameroon: 40-Year-Old Killed In Douala Fire Incident.

By Susan Nfor – Tuesday October 15, 2019.

Picture of fire incident in Douala, Cameroon by National Telegraph, Tuesday October 15, 2019.

A 40-year old woman has been burnt to death in Douala, capital of Cameroon’s Littoral Region, National Telegraph has been told.

Eyewitnesses say the woman was burnt by fire at the Deido neighborhood in the Douala I Municipality, early Tuesday October 15, 2019.

The fire we were told took the inhabitants by surprise and since it was a house constructed out of plank, the entire building was consumed before first respondents could arrive the scene.

National Telegraph gathered from on-the-spot sources that before the arrival of the army rescue team that left from Ngodi, the structure has been destroyed, killing the woman and burning properties.

The woman was completely burnt and only her charred body has been recovered from the fire, local authorities said.

Local and administrative authorities were on the scene to gauge the situation while security officials have opened investigations into the matter.

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