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Cameroon: After Bushu, Bishops Nkea, Nfon, Nkuo, Esua Celebrate Chrism Masses, Bless Three Oils.

By Beltha Mokube – Wednesday April 17, 2019.

Cameroon: After Bushu, Bishops Nkea, Nfon, Nkuo, Esua Celebrate Chrism Masses, Bless Three Oils.
Bishop Nkuo celebrates Chrism Mass at the Saint Theresia’s Cathedral, Kumbo, April 17, 2019

The head of the Catholic Church in kumbo, a town in Cameroon’s North West has capped the celebrations of Chrism Masses in the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda, National Telegraph has been told.

Bishop George Nkuo celebrated, Wednesday April 17, 2019 the last of five Chrism Masses in the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda, our source has said.

During the event attended by over sixty (60) Priests and a huge crowd of congregants, Bishop Nkuo thanked the Christians for coming out in their numbers during this ‘difficult time.’

In the Mass that started at 9 AM through noon, at the Saint Theresia’s Cathedral Kumbo, the Bishop said “We are in difficult and hard times with a lot of fear and insecurity”, Bishop Nkuo said while thanking the Christians for braving all odds to attend the Mass.

The Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda is made up of all the Dioceses in the English-speaking Regions of the North West and South West of Cameroon; Bamenda Metropolitan Archdiocese, Buea, Kumbo, Mamfe and Kumba dioceses, said a source.

In the Diocese of Kumba, Bishop Agapitus Nfon celebrtaed the Chrism Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral Fiango, Kumba, Wednesday April 17, 2019 during which he thanked God for the gift of priesthood to the church and enjoined Christians to celebrate the priests who were renewing their commitments to serve the church.

In Bamenda, the event was graced by the Metropolitan Archbishop, Cornelius Esua and the Auxillary Bishop, Michael Bibi, over one hundred and twenty-five (125) priests, eight (8) deacons, and many Religious were in attendance.

During the event at the St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Bamenda, Tuesday April 16, 2019, the Archbishop thanked the congregation for its sacrifices despite the trying times and called on all to trust more in God, especially in these difficult moments said the Archbishop.

In Mamfe on Tuesday April 16, 2019, Bishop Andrew Nkea and Bishop Emeritus Francis Lysinge with over sixty (60) priests and many congregants converged on the St Joseph’s Cathedral for the event.

They preached collegiality. The Priest is a man, if you beat him, he would cry, if you cut him, blood would flow. He’s a mystery because he symbolizes Christ. He’s like a dead man because during his ordination, the spirit of all the dead saints enter into him. In this case, he’s a dead man who smiles, who eats, Bishop Nkea said in parts of his postil.

Prior to these Masses in Kumbo, Kumba, Bamenda and Mamfe, Bishop Immanuel Bushu of Buea celebrated that of his Diocese, Thursday April 11, 2019 at the Regina Pacis Cathedral at Small Soppo, Buea attended by a mammoth crowd of congregants and Priests of the Diocese.

Chrism Mass is a Mass in which the Bishop concelebrates with Priests from various parts of the diocese, Fr. Aloysius Boh of the St Bernadette Catholic Church, Hedgesville, West Virginia explained to National Telegraph.

The high point of the celebrations in the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province like elsewhere was the blessing of three oils; the oil of the Holy Chrism, oil for the sick and the oil of Catechumens to be used by Priests through out the year.

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