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Cameroon: Bessi-Awum Kingmakers Crown New King, Name His Pa Nkwety.

By Beltha Mokube – Wednesday July 10, 2019.

Cameroon: Bessi-Awum Kingmakers Crown New King, Name His Pa Nkwety.
Picture of Kingmakers crowning Mbah Wilfred Ndam as new King of Bessi-Awum taken by a National Telegraph’s secret stringer.

Kingmakers in Bessi-Awum, a village settlement in Batibo Sub-Division, Momo Division in Cameroon’s North West Region have crowned a new ruler after their ruler died on Monday June 22, 2019.

Mbah Wilfred Ndam, an elder of the Presbyterian Church in Batibo has been crowned, HRH Mbah Wilfred Ndam of Bessi-Awum, National Telegraph has confirmed.

The colourful event that took place Wednesday July 10, 2019, comes exactly a week after kingmakers met on Wednesday July 3, 2019 to name the new ruler.

Hundreds of Bessi-Awum people converge on Ngaku, the quarter hosting the King’s palace to add fun and pomp to the ceremony. An attendee described the event as electric.

Mbah Calvo Wara, half-brother to the new King and a business man in Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital was also named “Pa Nkwety”, meaning the King’s Personal Assistant, Top Secret Man and Technical Adviser.

Mbah Calvo Wara is Technical Adviser also known as Pa Nkwety to the new King.

According to tradition, each time a ruler dies, he’s buried same day and declared missing a week after, during which a successor is named. HRH Forkum Richardson II of Bessi-Awum was more than a hundred years old when he died on Monday June 22, 2019, palace sources say.

Reports say he has been on the Bessi-Awum Throne for 82 years. The ruler had over 20 wives and 150 children, according to palace sources, adding that, he leaves behind (150) grandchildren to mourn him.

Forkum II reports say lost his son whom many had seen as the heir to the throne. Dan Njeck Mbah was shot, May 31, 2018 on a horse in Bessi and dumped in a cliff at Tiben, near Widikum by elements of the Cameroon military.

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