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Cameroon: Clairvoyant Makes Pronouncements On End Of Anglophone Crisis, Sisiku’s, Others’ Release.

By Beltha Mokube – Tuesday February 19, 2019.

Cameroon: Clairvoyant Makes Pronouncements On End Of Anglophone Crisis, Sisiku’s, Others’ Release.

Prophet Bertrand Aghu, Founder of Faith Ministries International

A well-known clairvoyant has made astonishing declarations about the ongoing Anglophone crisis and the fate of all those held in detention by the Cameroon government. 

Prophet Bertrand Aghu, Founder of Faith Ministries International, a Pentecostal Church located at Buea Road precisely at Azi Motel Street in Kumba, one of the restive towns in Cameroon’s South West Region made the declarations, Sunday, February 17, 2019.

 Prophet Bertrand Aghu gave a prophecy, saying he had a revelation and saw a presidential digress on the release of all Anglophone detainees currently held under the present political unrest in Cameroon, a Central African country in the middle of a civil war.

“Can I prophesy? Good news! the Man of God said, attracting thunderous applauses from congregants.  “I see surprisingly, they released all the separatists, he went on as the church burst into joy.

“All, surprisingly, they took everybody unaware. A decree just came out and everybody was released. And that was the beginning of peace, he said.

The Man of God enjoined the congregation to be calm, assuring them they would be restoration. “So, you people should keep yourselves calm now. Very soon, very soon there would be good news”, he noted.

“Very soon, there would be restoration. It would come to pass. I saw they used a white bus to carry them out, white big bus, the prophecy opined.

In reminding worshippers of the power of God, he opined God answers all prayers. “That is telling you God is answering prayers on how this crisis can come to an end, parts of the prophesy suggest.

“That is one of the greatest good news that people are expecting. So, I saw it, it came to pass and it took people unaware, beyond people’s imagination, Prophet Bertrand noted.

“So, God said when people are thinking; it cannot work, it cannot work, they can’t…, a decree is just signed and everybody is released. That some people before they would even hear it, they would see their loved ones already coming home” the Man of God said in confidence.

The preacher further rekindled hope in the already happy crowd; “I think this one would be the best things after the message we got today because the peace of this land is your paramount aim. Your greatest desire is how the land can return to peace and I tell you, that prayer has been answered.”

So, just keep your fingers crossed, anytime from now, you would get a surprise, a surprise, a surprise… to God be the glory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ”, he concluded.

The two English-speaking regions have been at war with Anglophone militias fighting pro-government soldiers to restore the Statehood of the former British Southern Cameroons now called Ambazonia. In the process, many have been killed, house burnt down, many displaced and others jailed.  

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