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Cameroon Finance Ministry Announces, Explains Why Millions Have Been Stolen From Bank Accounts.

By Eric Tataw – Sunday June 2, 2019.

Cameroon Finance Ministry Announces, Explains Why Millions Have Been Stolen From Bank Accounts.
Louis-Paul Motazé, Cameroon’s Finance Minister.

The Ministry of Finance in the Central African country of Cameroon says electronic scammers have invaded banks, stealing millions of the Cameroonian F CFA from people’s bank accounts across the country, National Telegraph has been told.

A good number of people have complained of being victims to the scam and the numbers would increase in the months ahead if enough sensitizing isn’t done, an official at the Ministry has said.   

In order to avoid future occurrences of same magnitude, the Ministry implored all and sundry to be cautious with their conversations and the manner in which henceforth they discuss their financial transactions.

The Ministry told bank users that the scammers would use their bank name to call, citing examples like UBA, Zenith Bank, Union Bank, etc. The Ministry says the scammers would proceed by telling users they are agents of your bank.

Going forward, the Ministry says the scammers would tell you that your account with them has problems, adding that they will tell you your account number. They will tell you exactly the last transaction you have done, where you have done it and your last sale, the statement says.

The Ministry went on that the scammers would go as far as listing the date and location the account was opened, including the number on the ATM card but not the secret code.

Bank users are also told to be careful in that the scammers would equally list the names and date of birth of clients before asking them the ATM and secret codes, including listing the last two numbers on their ATM cards.

According to Finance officials, should anyone give his/her secret code, all the money saved in the bank would be removed, adding that scammers have used this method and removed millions from people’s account.

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