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Cameroon Gendarme Shoots Civilian Dead, Injures Many On Christmas Day.

By Eric Tataw – Washington DC, USA – Thursday, December 26, 2019.

A picture of 22-year-old Rodrigue when he was once admitted in a hospital. He he was shot and killed by a Gendarme in Cameroon’s West Region on Christmas Day.

A Gendarme Officer in Galim Sub-division of the Bamboutos in Cameroon’s West Region has shot and killed a civilian, late Wednesday December 25, 2019.

A fight occurred at a drinking spot in Galim on Christmas Day and in the course of that fight, police officers came and shot in the air several times for calm to return, sources have said.

The unnamed Gendarme Officer who’s believed to have taken too much alcohol suddenly appeared at the scene and started shooting indiscriminately. 

Reports say a bullet resulting from the unprovoked shooting hit a certain Rodrigue, 22, who died before he could be rushed to the hospital. An unaccounted number of persons were also injured in the act.

Local authorities say the injured are being treated in nearby infirmaries while the Gendarme Officer has been arrested and put behind bars.

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