Cameroon Military Arrests, Tortures, Kills, Beheads Unarmed Civilian.

By Eric Tataw – Tuesday February 19, 2019.

Cameroon Military Arrests, Tortures, Kills, Beheads Unarmed Civilian.

A teenage boy who was arrested by the Cameroon military has been tortured, killed and guillotined, locals have told National Telegraph from Kakar, a precinct in Ndu, in Donga Mantung, one of Cameroon’s restive divisions in the unruly North West Region.

Eyewitnesses say the minor had left his hometown of Njiptop, still in Ndu before he was brutally murdered. “Because of his red color clothing, he was taken for Amba, arrested, tortured and slaughtered in this manner”, a source lamented.

Other sources have told National Telegraph that a special regiment of the Cameroon military station in this area has killed and buried at least twenty (20) youths in mass graves around the Cameroon Tea Estate (CTE).

According to our informant, the teenager killed on Monday, February 18, 2019, was privileged to have been abandoned and picked up for burial.

He added that most of those killed in a similar manner have been deprived of appropriate burials as mass graves are spotted in bushes in all over the tea plantation.

Anglophone militias have been fighting regular soldiers to restore the Independence of a new country; Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia. Since the Restoration campaign started in North West and South West Regions, innocent and unarmed civilians have been targeted.

Reports say Cameroon military has been attacking villages, burning down houses and in some cases whole villages. Excessive use of force, indiscriminate killing of civilians by the military as vengeance on the armed groups is being reported in most parts of the warring regions.

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  1. The French have thought Biya BIRs what they did to our ancestor all over Africa and the world around,
    today the French don’t need to do it, Africans are now doing what the French did.

    The resolve and will power of Ambazonian is untouchable for the simple fact that we know that the French did this to our people all over this world but did not succeed in breaking us, make us, even more,
    determined in our execution of this independence war.

    The price some of our people are paying is so huge, not even the character Jesus can be compared to them. The son of God can count on his father to ease the pain, but this young man just like all the other innocent Ambazonians has nothing to count on to ease their pain.

    We will never ever forget those our people who paid the ultimate price. There is no two outcome to this war. We will fight even if it takes all the time in creation.

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