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Cameroon Military Kills Pregnant Nurse, Three Of Her Children Of Ages 3,4,7.

By Eric Tataw – Friday June 14, 2019.

Cameroon Military Kills Pregnant Nurse, Three Of Her Children Of Ages 3,4,7.
Hut in Talangaye where Cameroon military killed a pregnant nurse and three children.

Elements of the Cameroon military have raided a hut in a nearby bush in Talangaye, a village in Eyumojock Sub-Division, Manyu Division in Cameroon’s restive South West Region where they shot and killed a pregnant nurse and three children, Wednesday June 12, 2019, eyewitnesses have told National Telegraph.

Arrey Emilia Bessem, 38, was heavily pregnant at the time she was brutally murdered. She was murdered with two of her children, a source confirmed. The two children were aged 3 and 7, a local said, adding that the third child that was also killed was only 4 years and belonged to the deceased nurse’s sister resident in Kuwait.

Locals say soldiers raided the area after someone in the community alerted them Pro-Independence fighters were stationed there but instead shot and killed the aforementioned victims after failing to entrap any of the fighters.

Other sources say soldiers killed the pregnant nurse, her two children and the sister’s child under her care after the victim identified the local who led the military to the bush.

An independent source from Talangaye shared pictures of the gory with National Telegraph, showing bodies of the victims. Their hut was completely burnt down and some of the corpses were charred.

A man in his late 20s, Tambe Divine was also killed by Pro-Independence fighters, Thursday June 13, 2019 after he reportedly confessed of leading the military to the hut that led to the unfortunate demise of the victims.

Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions are engulfed in an armed conflict and elements of the armed forces and mobile police have taken advantage to target innocent civilians and loot goods and chattels of the civilian population, sources say.

The Military has on many occasions been accused of extrajudicial killings in the South West and North West Regions of the country. The Cameroon Government has been accused of numerous Human Rights violations, including targeted killings and the burning down of entire villages.

According to credible reports from the US Ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin, reputable Human Rights Lawyer Agbor Balla and Bishops of Mamfe and Kumbo, the Cameroon military has been wrapped in several war crimes.

Two recent gruesome acts of the military reported on local television and by relatives of the victims have been the killing of a 3-month-old baby and the burning alive of a 74-year-old women.

The baby, Mbuh Martha was intentionally shot and killed, Monday May 20, 2019 at about 11:15 am by elements of the Cameroon military, residents of Muyuka, a war-torn town in Cameroon’s restive South West Region where the incident took place told National Telegraph.

At 1 am GMT, Thursday May 30, 2019 soldiers moved to the residence of Nda Catherine, 74 at Owe I precisely at Mandongo Road going toward Presbyterian Church Street.

The entire residence was torched, our source said, adding that family members only succeeded in collecting the remains of the charred body of Nda for burial late Thursday morning.

Unrest in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions began in October 2016 as a disagreement in language but government mismanaged it, turning it into an armed conflict with a demand by majority of Anglophones in the North West and South West for a separate state called Ambazonia.

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