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Cameroon Military Still Holding Mother Of 5-Year-Old, The Little Girl Is Homeless, Helpless, Hopeless!

By Eric Tataw, Thursday May 23, 2019.

Cameroon Military Still Holding Mother Of 5-Year-Old, The Little Girl Is Homeless, Helpless, Hopeless!
Andoh Destive is only five but today she’s helpless without her mother after the Cameroon Military invaded Ikata and stole her mother from her.

Life is unfair! Is it? Just a few weeks ago, this little girl, Andoh Destive only five used her mother’s hands as a pendulum. Today, the Cameroon military that ought to protect lives has instead taken this little girl’s mother away from her.

Sources have informed National Telegraph that Eveline Andoh, mother of the 5-year-old has since Thursday April 25, 2019 been held by elements of the Cameroon military, adding that her whereabouts is still unknown.

Eyewitnesses have confirmed that the Cameroon Military invaded Ikata, a restive locality in Cameroon’s South West Region on Thursday April 25, 2019 killing six, among them, an 18-year-old that was burnt alive.

During that attack in Ikata that took place precisely around Catholic Primary School in an area fondly called Back Field Water Road, three houses were burnt down including Eveline Andoh’s. Eveline, 43, was later picked up by the military till date.

This is not the first time the Military has been accused of facilitating the disappearance of innocent people. The Cameroon Government has been accused of numerous Human Rights violations, including targeted killings and the burning down of entire villages.

The simple act of arresting and taking away of Eveline since April 25 has made her little girl homeless, helpless and hopeless. Life has been miserable for little Destive, sources told National Telegraph.

According to credible reports from the US Ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin, reputable Human Rights Lawyer Agbor Balla and Bishops of Mamfe and Kumbo, the Cameroon military has been wrapped in several war crimes.  

Unrest in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions began in October 2016 as a disagreement in language but government mismanaged it, turning it into an armed conflict with a demand by majority of Anglophones in the North West and South West for a separate state called Ambazonia.

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