Cameroon: Modelle Announces Painful Exits of Widow, Daughter, Brother-In-Law Killed By Military.

By Maurice ofah – Tuesday February 19, 2019.

Cameroon: Modelle Announces Painful Exits of Widow, Daughter, Brother-In-Law Killed By Military.

Enu Cynthia Oyo and daughter Enu Clarion Angu
 were killed same day by Cameroon soldiers.

The people of Modelle, a war-torn settlement in Menchum, a division in Cameroon’s embattled North West Region have announced the funeral program of their family members who were shot and killed by elements of the Cameroon military.

According to the funeral pamphlet sent to National Telegraph, late Enu Cynthia Ayo and daughter Enu Clarion Angu would be removed from the Bamenda Regional Hospital Mortuary on at 8 AM, Thursday, February 21, 2019.

A church service is expected to hold at a Presbyterian Church in Ntamulung, a quarter in Bamenda at 9 AM, the track has suggested. The handout further suggests that at 1 PM, burial would take place at the deceased’s residence at Street VI in Mulang, a popular quarter in Bamenda, after which would be refreshment and departure of guests.

Ayo Cynthia is an only child to her mother, Ayo Comfort, a Princess of the Modelle in Menchum Valley Sub-division, Menchum Division, now ruled by Fon Ayo III, a brief biographer has indicated.

Cynthia born on October 25, 1983, and her daughter, Enu Clarion Angu, born, August 22, 2005, would all be buried same day, a family member has told National Telegraph.

The widow and her daughter were shot and killed after elements of the Cameroon Army fired at a funeral convoy along the Batibo/Mamfe stretch of road, in the country’s North West Region, Saturday, February 2, 2019, mourners said.

Cynthia and her daughter were on board one of the vehicles in a convoy before they were shot at point-blank at a Touristic Spot in Tiben near Widikum en route to Eka, the village where Cynthia’s husband has been buried.

Family sources say Egrie Richard, the deceased said to be Principal of Government High School Konda, a government-run college in Njikwa in Momo Division still in the country’s North West died the previous week and was being transported for burial.

A third family member also died from multiple gunshot wounds. Egrie Hans, kid brother to the deceased Principal was shot on the scene and rushed to Regional Hospital, a state-run hospital in Bamenda, North West’s capital before he died.

Anglophone minorities in Cameroon have been fighting against Paul Biya’s regime for the restoration of the Independence of a new country; Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia. Since the Restoration campaign started, militias have emerged in almost every sweep of the North West and South West Regions.

Increased insecurity with Cameroon military often accused of the use of excessive force, indiscriminate killing of civilians as vengeance on the armed groups is being reported in most parts of the warring regions. Reports say killing of unarmed civilians is now a military routine.

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