Cameroon Officials Hand Two Bans To Kamto’s Saturday’s Douala Meeting.

By Ken Neba, Yaounde, Cameroon – Thursday November 7, 2019.

Prof Maurice Kamato – Leader of CRM, Cameroon’s main opposition political party.

At least two Cameroonian officials in the country’s Littoral Region have issued bans on a meeting organised by the country’s main opposition political party leader, National Telegraph has confirmed.

Prof Maurice Kamto, leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), was planning on holding a meeting in Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala but two administrators from there have issued bans, prohibiting the politician from carrying on with his meeting.

Kamto scheduled the meeting for Saturday November 9, 2019 but the Divisional Officer for Douala Five (V) has banned the meeting. Fombele Mathias Tayem opined in a release that the meeting can’t take place because some people with bad intentions are planning to infiltrate and cause disorder in the course of the meeting.

He added that the “Petite Terrain”, has not yet been hired by the said party, referring to Bonamousadi, the area where the said meeting is supposed to take place.

To add force to the decision of the Divisional Officer, the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) of Wouri, Mboutou Benjamin who’s the D.O’s boss by administrative hierarchy signed another release; a Divisional Order, Thursday November 7, 2019, demanding CRM party members stay off the streets this weekend.

The denial of CRM party members to meet comes a week after they were denied manifestation in Yaounde, capital of the Central African country. Reports say they only used force to organise the meeting in Ebolowa, capital of the country’s South Region.

Kamto is presently in Bafoussam in the West Region on a mission to visit and sympathise with victims and families of a landslide that claimed some 43 lives.

Party militants argue the meetings are meant to thank militants for standing firm during a tough period when the chairman and other heavyweight members were in jail.

Others added that the huge crowd Kamto pulled in Bafoussam was an embarrassment to the government that has now gone ahead to ban his meeting in Douala.

Prof Maurice Kamato, his closest party aides and allies, Christian Penda Ekoka, Albert Dzongang and, several other party activists were arrested at about 9:30 PM, Monday, January 28, 2019, at Albert Dzongang’s Residence situated at Mobile Guinness neighborhood, of Douala III Sub-division, Wouri Division before they were ferried to Yaoundé where they were locked up for several months.

Kamto who was only recently released was charged with Rebellion, Sedition, Insurrection, Inciting Violence, Disruption of Public Peace, Complicity, Association with wrongdoers and Hostility against the nation.

Kamto competed in the Cameroon’s Presidential Elections and went on to declare he won. He later challenged the results at the country’s Constitutional Council where the Council’s ruling was considered by many Cameroonians as jaundiced. Kamto believes the Electoral Commission imputed figures to favour the incumbent especially as elections were boycotted in the North West and South West Regions buried in an armed conflict.

On Saturday, January 26, 2019, at the behest of Kamto, Cameroonians observed peaceful demonstrations in Douala, Yaoundé, Bafoussam and in other cities. A mammoth crowd attended the protest, denouncing what they term Electoral Holdup.

Abroad, many Cameroonians who were protesting invaded Cameroon Embassies in France, Belgium, Britain, and Germany causing material damages. In Cameroon, several protesters were reportedly shot by police, including Michele Ndoki, a famous female lawyer now in detention for same reasons. All these led to kamto’s arrest.

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