Cameroon: Rescuers Update Casualties In Bafoussam Landslide Incident.

By Eric Tataw – Tuesday October 29, 2019.

On-the-spot picture of a landslide scene captured by a National Telegraph secret stringer in Bafoussam.

The total number of casualties in a landslide that took place in Cameroon’s West Region has increased, recent updates from a team of first respondents say.

Rescuers had initially put the number of dead bodies retrieved from the ground after the landslide at seven (7) but have confirmed one more, bringing the total to eight (8).

Fresh reports and accounts from survivors have removed the number of twenty three (23) persons feared trapped under affected homes to 56.

Rescue workers continue digging up mud, while family members and friends of those still missing remain in anxieties.

National Telegraph has gathered the incident happened at about 10:30 pm Monday October 28, 2019, at Gouatchié IV, a quarter in Bafoussam Troisieme or III Sub-division.

Municipal and administrative authorities have arrived the scene while Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji is en route to the site, Tuesday October 29, 2019, to measure the extend of the destruction and bring relief to survivors.

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