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May 24, 2020

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Cameroon Shrivels Up Rail Activities As Country’s COVID-19 Cases Gush.

By Eric Tataw – Washington DC, USA, Thursday, April 2, 2020.

CAMRAIL, a company operating passenger and freight traffic between the cities in the Central African country of Cameroon has as from today, Thursday, April 2, 2020, reduced activities of its passenger trains in a bid to curb the escalation of the coronavirus, National Telegraph can confirm.

The General Manager of the Corporation, Pascal Miny, took the decision on April 1, following orders from the country’s Ministers of Transport and Public Health.

Some train stops have been suspended until further notice, the release states. The number of active train stations along the Transcam I trajectory, stretching from the Douala economic hub to the nation’s capital, Yaounde, has dropped from 11 to 5.

Trains along this railroad will only stop at the Makondo, Messondo, Hikoa Malep, Eseka and Makak stations, the statement details.

Only seven of the 16 railway stations along the Transcam II railroad linking Yaounde and the Northern regions of the country through Ngaoundere would remain functional; Nanga-Eboko, Belabo, Goyoum, Mbintom, Tete d’Elephant, Pangar, and Ngoundal railway stations.

Cameroon has since witnessed a rapid increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, a total of 284 confirmed cases and 7 deaths according to Health Minister, Dr. Manaouda Malachie. A total of 38 cases were confirmed on April 2 alone.

The government already extended by fifteen days a 13-day-precautionary measure taken a fortnight ago to effectively curb the spread, Prime Minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, announced, Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

Cameroon announced land, air, and sea borders are closed, adding it’s suspending of visas issuance to Cameroon at the airports. All public and private training and educational establishments, including vocational training centers and professional schools, have also been closed.

COVID-19 is now affecting 203 countries and territories with total confirmed cases at 986,808 and 50,509 deaths. Cameroon has officially announced 284 confirmed cases, but many still hold there many cases that are unreported.

Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya signed out 1 billion FCFA, as part of an Anti-COVID-19 solidarity fund to help curb the various menaces now facing his country as a result of this novel pandemic.

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