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Cameroon Soldiers Shoot, Kill Disabled In Broad Daylight!

By Eric Tataw with files from Eyang Atem Ako

Lifeless body of Disabled Eyoung Tanyi

A handicapped youth who deals in Used Clothes has been shot and killed by the military in Cameroon’s unruly South West Region. Eyong Tanyi aka Omulae was killed, Friday January 18, 2019. Reports say he was shot at point-blank in Ndekwai, a quarter in Eyang Atem Ako village in Upper Banyang Sub-division, Manyu Division.

Eyewitnesses have confirmed that the victim, a handicapped on crutches was at his business place when soldiers invaded an area of the market. Reports say while others on hearing the military vehicle, fled to safer locations before soldiers could arrive, Tanyi, unable to escape was left at the mercy of the barrel.

A local who witnessed the shooting from a distance said she was expecting the military to rescue the handicapped but was shocked he was instead shot at point-blank despite being on crutches. Another eyewitness has cried out loud, criticizing the military, stating that it has reached its pyramid of wickedness. The military in many occasions have been spotted committing heinous crimes. The Indiscriminate killing of unarmed civilians, burning some alive, burning down houses and destroying livestock has become the order of the day.

Just same day, a pregnant nurse was shot dead by Cameroonian soldiers in Kumbo, a war torn town in North West Cameroon. National Telegraph gathered that Monyuy Ornella, also identified as the daughter of a Driver at a Health Center in Tatum was shot dead around the Promise Enterprise Building on her way to work at the Shisong General Hospital still in Kumbo.

Since the beginning of an armed conflict that broke out in the two English-speaking Regions, soldiers have killed thousands of innocent civilians including children and pregnant women. In some cases, aged persons have been burnt alive in their homes including physically challenged persons who couldn’t escape to havens during military raids.

Hundreds of villages have been burnt down and over a million refugees registered in Nigeria and other parts of Cameroon or the World. Thousands are also reportedly held in various detention centers under deplorable conditions.
Armed groups in the two Regions are said to be fighting for the Restoration of the statehood of the former British Southern Cameroons after peaceful protesters demanding for reforms, met with iron replies from soldiers.

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