Cameroon: Strapping Wind, Heavy Rain Hit Douala.

By Promise Dinga – Tuesday March 19, 2019.

Cameroon: Strapping Wind, Heavy Rain Hit Douala.

A National Telegraph reporter took this picture of one of the affected areas in Bonaberi, Douala.

The economic capital of the Central African country of Cameroon has been seriously battered by a strapping wind and heavy rainfall, locals have told National Telegraph.

Hundreds of residents within Douala, the Economic capital of Cameroon and capital city of Cameroon’s Littoral Region have been rendered homeless, schools, businesses, hospitals have also been affected.

Roads have been washed away and thousands are stranded, others displaced due to a torrential downpour that swept across the town in the night of Friday March 15, 2019 at exactly 11 pm.

One of the quarters greatly hit is Bonaberi where it did not only pour but an accompanying wind pulled off several doors and roofs of private residences as well as business premises, a victim told National Telegraph.

Some newly constructed business premises around the rail market were greatly hit as well as electric cables shattered, rendering parts of Bonaberi in a total black.

Residents are still in shock as many have described the situation as warranting Humanitarian intervention. Many are still in shock and disbelief as they access the level of the damage beginning from private to public properties.

Similar situations ahve been recorded in Mbileme and Meyomessi in Sangmélima Sub-division, Dja-et-Lobo Division of Cameroon’s South Region where fire and wind destroyed over 200 houses in the precinct including a government school in Meyomessi.

The incidents in Cameroon are happening almost simultaneously with those in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi where Cyclone Idai hit these countries. At least 31 people have been killed and dozens are missing in parts of eastern Zimbabwe.

On Saturday March 16, 2019 Zimbabwean Ministry of Information said that the deaths were mainly from Chimanimani East, including two students with over 40 other people injured.

In Mozambique, Idai caused landfall, killing at least 19, injuring over 70 on Thursday March 14, 2019. Prior to this, the cyclone killed over 66 persons, injured dozens and displaced 17,000, according to officials.

In Malawi, 56 people were killed with over a million either injured, stranded or displaced. In all these, homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and police stations have been destroyed, roads swept away with most parts in darkness.

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