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Cameroon Teen Shot 3 Times By Military, But Saved By Bible Narrates Ordeal.

By Eric Tataw – Wednesday February 27, 2019.

Cameroon Teen Shot 3 Times By Military, But Saved By Bible Narrates Ordeal.

What would the UN and Rights groups do with Tifuh Degrade Akuro’s testimony?

A teenage boy has appeared in a video making rounds on social media, confessing to war crimes committed by the Cameroon military. The boy apparently appears to be speaking from an infirmary though the exact location isn’t mentioned.

The victim who identified himself in the video as Tifuh Degrade Akuro from Bessi, a village in Batibo Sub-division, Momo Division of Cameroon’s North West Region revealed that his mother is sick, implying he takes care of his sick mother.

Going forward, Degrade said he was in the farm where he had gone for his routine farming activity before the military traced him from the sound of the grass he was cutting with his cutlass.

He continued that the military parked its vehicle on the road and moved to his location and arrested him, adding that they insisted he’s a separatist fighter usually called Amba Boy but he refused.

Degrade said he responded to the soldiers that he was only tilling the soil to plant crops for his pigs, but the military insisted he’s a separatist fighter. Degrade went on that he was pushed to the ground and severely beaten.

The victim again revealed that while he was on the ground, one of the soldiers removed a well-loaded gun and shot at his both legs, seized his cutlass and chattered the bones of legs. To make matter worst, they kept him helpless on the same spot from 9 AM that fateful day till 3 PM.

While testifying that he was shot three times, he acknowledged that he was saved by the Bible. According to the teenager, soldiers were searching his bag when they saw a Bible which according to him must have touched their consciences.

Degrade revealed that he collapsed and when he got up, the soldiers questioned him before transporting him to the hospital after coming in contact with the Bible. He, however, stated that he was abandoned meters away to the hospital and ordered to walk there by himself even after being aware they had shot his both legs.

The teen said he struggled to the hospital where he spent a week and two days with no support. He went on that he was operated upon before transferred to another hospital in Bamenda, capital of Cameroon’s restive North West Region.

In another account, the teen echoed that after spending just three days in the new hospital in Bamenda, another contingent of soldiers invaded the hospital and arrested him at about 9 PM, adding that they were going to shoot him on the hospital bed before orders came by phone from a military chief that he should be brought to the detention center.

He narrated that after his arrest from the hospital, he eventually arrived at Up Station, a precinct in Bamenda where the Military Chief had ordered he be brought. He added that even after investigating him and cleared of any suspicion, he was held back not until his uncle came and bailed him out with two hundred thousand francs (200.000 F CFA).

The victim also revealed that the uncle who bailed him out was later arrested and ferried to Yaoundé under the pretext that he sponsors separatist fighters. The teen also said when he returned to the hospital, he stayed there for four months where his leg was operated upon four times while the metal placed to compact the bones was changed many times.

He again revealed he moved from one hospital to another before settling in the hospital where the video was shot, adding that he’s spending his sixth month there. Sadly, he said their residence had been torched.

Degrade also revealed that the Administrator of the hospital has given him a deadline to pay off accumulated bills without which treatment would be suspended. Regrettably, they feed on the benevolence of goodwill visitors, he said.

Another victim in the same video who identified himself as Ofeh Terence from Bafut, another North West war-torn town said he has been in the same hospital for over six months corroborated Degrade’s narratives, implying he was also shot by the military. A Third, fourth and fifth victim also featured in the same video all with gunshot wounds from the Cameroon military.

 The two English-speaking regions of the North West and South West have been buried in an armed conflict with Anglophone militias battling pro-regime soldiers as they aim to uphold a new country; Ambazonia, a source said.

However, the military has been accused of numerous war crimes in the process. The populations of the unruly regions have told National Telegraph the military has been targeting unarmed civilians especially males.

The military has continued uninterruptedly in contravening any warfare condition, killing youths, medics, women, and children, physically challenged persons as well as Religious and also burning down whole villages like Degrade testified in the video, a clip of which National Telegraph has obtained.

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