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Cameroon: The Untold Story Of The HEVECAM Rubber Plantation Strike, Bagyeli Pygmy Soothsayer And The Murder Of An Anglophone Biker In President Biya’s Region.

By Eric Tataw – Wednesday November 20, 2019.

Paul Biya is Cameroon’s President since 6 November 1982.

Three persons have been held over a missing Anglophone motorbike rider, National Telegraph has confirmed. One of them was betrayed by a Bagyeli Pygmy soothsayer to whom he came to seek mystical protection from arrest.

Were it not for the level headedness of the Wimbum community from Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region working in HEVECAM Rubber Plantations in Niete, South Region, there would have been a remake of the recent inter-communal violence in Sangmelima.

Last month’s incident in the headquarters of Dja and Lobo Division – President Paul Biya’s division of origin – saw locals ransacking Bamoun businesses after one of theirs was killed and his motorbike was later found with a Bamoun boy.

In the latest incident, commercial motorbike rider, Eugene Nyako, 22, from Lower Mbot in Nkambe Central Subdivision, Donga Mantung Division of North West Region, went missing six months ago. He is son to Kongor Marcel Nyako, a HEVECAM worker who also hails from Lower Mbot.

Nyako was last seen in May 2019 after being hired by a passenger to transport him to neighbouring Akom II village. Ever since, Nyako’s whereabouts have remained unknown to both his family and friends.

Thus, the search began to locate him. The family sent word to various HEVECAM Niete Plantations about the disappearance. Three months after, a certain boy, Tera, 23, also based in HEVECAM, showed up at a motorbike mechanic garage in Niete to repair “his” bike. 

Unfortunately for him, the mechanic recognised the motorcycle as belonging to the missing Eugene Nyako, having repaired it before. Sensing danger, Tera, a Francophone, fled and abandoned the bike with the mechanic.

The Wimbum Community then began searching for him until they got news last week that Tera had taken refuge in a nearby Bagyeli Pygmy Forest Settlement. He was eventually traced to the Pygmy camp. 

According to the Pygmy soothsayer, Tera claimed that something terrible happened to him and he wanted mystical protection so as to be invisible to those who were after his life!

After threatening those who come to arrest him with a machete, Tera was finally overpowered and handed over to local gendarmes on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 where he is in custody. The Wimbum guys who carried out the people’s arrest were led by Ibrahim and Seidu Lai, accompanied by other men.

Still grieving from the mysterious disappearance of one of theirs whose body has never been found, Wimbum workers of HEVECAM staged a peaceful strike on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, by keeping away from work. 

Informed, the Chief Executive Officer – CEO of HEVECAM, Patrick Grandcolas, summoned an emergency meeting with leaders of the Wimbum Community in Niete in the evening of November 20, 2019.

Receiving the delegation, Grandcolas expressed his company’s sympathies over what happened; saying as the son of a HEVECAM worker, Eugene Nyako was also part of the large HEVECAM family. The Wimbum delegation told him they wanted to be led to where Nyako’s body was abandoned so as to carry out a proper burial of his remains.

The HEVECAM CEO promised his full cooperation with the family and gendarmes to find out the truth, noting however that he could intervene in the ongoing investigations. He therefore urged them to be patient while investigations go on, and to return to work.

On their part, the Wimbum representatives asked HEVECAM  agreed to go back to work and urged the CEO to assist them in carrying out the burial. In addition to Tera, Niete gendarmes are holding two other suspects, all Francophones in connection with the disappearance of Eugene Nyako three months ago.

 It is believed that he was killed and his body abandoned somewhere in the thick Niete Equatorial forest. His killers then took his motorcycle away. The South Region’s administration is yet to make any official statement on the matter.

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