Cameroon Transport Minister Awards Licences To 16 Transport Companies, Suspends 85.

By Clauticlaire Zamba Zamba – Saturday March 30, 2019. 

Cameroon Transport Minister Awards Licences To 16 Transport Companies, Suspends 85.
Cameroon’s Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe

Eighty-five (85) transport agencies have been suspended in the Central African country of Cameroon, the country’s Transport Minister said in a statement, March 21, 2019.

In the statement, the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe, said it was stopping the agencies from operating over what he called non-conformity with regulations in place.

The Minister also handed sixteen other travel agencies licences, stating they respected regulations. Minister Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe gave the other 85 companies a one-month suspension pending the updating of their documents, parts of the statement suggest.

The popular Garanti Express is among the suspended, National Telegraph has gathered. Others included; Modjess Express, Samourai, Tandkon Express Voyages, Mazi Group Express, Global Express Sarl.

Other big names on the list include; Diamond Travel Agency, Hata Express, Nkwen Ndem Voyages, Royal intercity, Super Confort Express Voyage, Mayo Banyo Voyages, Avenir du Noun, Super Grand Mifi, Gic Super Salomoun Voyages.

Also on the list are; Grand Ouest Express, Golden Express, Nde Airlines, Caravane Express, Alpha Jet Voyages, Rapide Express, Kouma Voyages Sarl, Meyomessala, Btsis Voyages, Eurolines Voyages, Jes Group, Tresor Voyages, Nso Boy Express, Tsebo Voyages, Menoua Voyages, Pslam 23 Express, Avenue Stop Express, Grand Jeannot, Ngoua Express, Camarade Express, Cheri Cheri, Nianko Voyages.

Information from the Ministry also adds; Fondem Voyages, Professional Drivers Express, Rememder Express Voyages(Nanga) Astrandy, Charite voyages, solidarite Plus Voyages, Super Confort Express, Super Amigo, Satelite Express Voyages, Caravane Voyages to the list.

As if those were not enough, Super Narral, Abong-Mbang Express, Gic Haut Nyong Voyages, Fako Travelers, Princesse Voyages, Horizone nouveaux, Deo Gratis, Confiance express(Ntui), Super Aime Voyages, Solliciter, Emamo, le Doux voyages, Majestic, Oman Express Mont Mandara and National Voyages have also been suspended, among others.

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