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Cameroon University Don, Playwright, Anne Tanyi-Tang Dies.

By Eric Tataw – Monday June 3, 2019.

Cameroon University Don, Playwright, Anne Tanyi-Tang Dies.
Anne Tanyi-Tang, popular Cameroonian playwright has died.

A popular Cameroonian Professor and playwright has died in a hospital in Yaounde, capital of the Central African country of Cameroon, Sunday June 2, 2019, National Telegraph has learned.

Anne Tanyi-Tang, a lecturer at the University of Yaoundé I, died early Sunday and her corpse has been preserved at the General Hospital Yaoundé, close sources have confirmed but didn’t however say the exact cause of her death.

After “Ewa” and other plays, Anne Tanyi-Tang has written among other books; Eneta vs Elimo, Chief Ayito, The Heiress, The Song of Ayanta and Obsession, Down the Hill.

Anne Tany-Tang was born in Akiriba, a village in Manyu, a precinct in Cameroon’s South West Region. She goes to her grave with a Bachelor of Arts (BAS) Degree in English from the University of Yaoundé.

She also attended the University of Kent at Canterbury, England where she was enrolled in the Department of Drama and Theater Studies, Faculty of Humanities.

 In November 1989, she got admission for a degree of Master of Arts (MA) and then moved to the University of St Andrews, Scotland where she obtained a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (ph.D) in Drama Theatre and Social Anthropology in July 1994 from the Department of Social Anthropology, Faculty of Arts.

In 2004, Anne Tanyi-Tang was awarded a Fulbright African Senior Research Scholar Grant to the US. She also served as an Associate Professor and Vice Dean of Programmes and Academic Affairs in in the Faculty of Arts, University of Buea.

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