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Cameroon Woman Abandons 5-Month-Old Baby At Bus Station.

By Beltha Mokube – Thursday July 11, 2019.

Cameroon Woman Abandons 5-Month-Old Baby At Bus Station.
He’s only 5 months, what could’ve caused the mother to have abandoned him?

A 5-month-old baby has been abandoned at a metro station in Douala, capital of the Littoral Region of the Central African country of Cameroon, sources have told National Telegraph.

 The whereabouts of the mother is yet to be known, sources say, adding, the mother who’s about 18, identified as Fokam Elodie, traveled with her son from Foumbot, West Region to Douala by night and arrived early Thursday July 11, 2019.

Upon arrival, Elodie begged another female passenger in the bus to help hold the child while she topped up her airtime, an eyewitness said. The passenger also gave Elodie her phone and a thousand francs to top up her phone, many have testified.

 Reports say Elodie went away and never returned. An inhabitant of Bessengue where the incident happened confessed to have seen Elodie asking a commercial bike rider how she could get to Edea, a nearby city to Douala.

A search made in the bags of Elodie enabled first respondent to pick up a telephone number alleged to be that of the father of the child by name Prince.

Investigators say after Prince picked up his call, and promised to call back, nothing has been heard from the duo since then. The toddler is safe and sound in good hands at the metro, confirmed a source.

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