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Cameroonian Teen Hangs Himself To Death, This Is What His Father Told Gendarmes!

By Eric Tataw – Washington DC, USA, Thursday, March 26, 2020.

A teen in the Cameroonian city of Douala has hanged himself to death, National Telegraph secret stringers in Bepanda Tonnerre, a neighborhood in Douala 5, in the country’s Littoral Region where the incident happened confirmed.

Dirane Moffo, 10, according to inhabitants of Bepanda Tonnerre, was propelled to carrying out the sad act out of frustration. The parents have been maltreating the child because was stubborn, a local told National Telegraph.

The child was chained by his own parents for the three days until the afternoon of Thursday March 26, 2020 when the parent after returning from their different activities discovered him dead.

Dirane’s father, Alain Moffo told the officers at the Bepanda Gendarmerie Brigade, it was the child’s idea that he should be chained since he has been wandering.

With the fear of the Corona epidemic, the parents chained the child and only returned to discover that he has hanged himself to death.

The parents have been kept behind bars while investigation has been opened by the Gendarmerie Brigade of Bepanda.

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