Cameroon’s Higher Education Minister Prescribes Fairness, Transparency In Recruitment Of 1000 Lecturers.

By Richmond Endeley – Friday February 22, 2019.

Cameroon’s Higher Education Minister Prescribes Fairness, Transparency In Recruitment Of 1000 Lecturers.

Jacques Fame Ndongo – Cameroon’s Minister of Higher Education,

Cameroon’s Minister of State for Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo, has assured candidates wishing to apply for the special recruitment exercise of one thousand (1000) teachers into state universities.

In a letter signed, Friday, February 21, 2019, Fame Ndongo, indicated that the selection exercise shall be done in all fairness and transparency.

“These recruitments shall take place in transparency and fairness in respect to laid down academic procedures,” part of the letter read.

Interested applicants are expected to drop their files in any of the eight state universities, Minister Fame Ndongo disclosed in the communiqué.

“These calls for applications are available on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education at and on the different websites of all the state universities…” the letter has indicated.

In an earlier communique from Jacque Fame Ndongo, the University of Bamenda will have one hundred and thirty-two (132) teaching positions, one hundred and thirty (130) for Buea, one hundred and twenty-seven (127) for Douala.

One hundred and nine (109) would be recruited in Dschang, one hundred and two (102) in Maroua, one hundred and thirty (130) in Ngaoundere, one hundred and thirty (130) in Yaoundé I, one hundred (100) in Yaoundé II and forty (40) positions as quota for academic regulation.

In November 2018, Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya, ordered the recruitment of 2000 Ph.D. holders as lecturers into state universities, National Telegraph has learned.

The recruitment opened to Cameroonians at home and abroad, will see one thousand (1000) lecturers be employed this 2019, five hundred (500) in 2020 and the remaining five hundred (500) in 2021.


  1. This minister has been in the government since I was toddler. When is this octogenarian due retirement?
    In the grave? Just wondering.

  2. Why is it La Republic determining how recruitment is to be done. Who will be on the panel reviewing the applications? If we look at the UBu model, it is clear that a majority of the those recruited to teach in UBa/UBu will be citizens of LRC.

    An overwhelming majority of students in the Dept. of Physics in UBa is from LRC, all of the students in the regional school of sports in Bamenda are Francophones–is this the pattern that shall be followed in recruiting the university lecturers.

    Without any critique of the process, it seems this web-site is merely doing the advertisement for LRC, which I know that is not the case.

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