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Cameroon’s New Public Health Minister Suffers Weltschmerz, Collapses, Rushed To Hospital.

By Gilbert Aman

Manaouda Malachie-Minister of Public Health

Cameroon’s new Minister of Public Health is currently receiving treatment at an infirmary in the nation’s capital Yaoundé. Manaouda Malachie suffered a weltschmerz in his office in Yaoundé, Tuesday January 15, 2019 before he was ferried to the Hospital unconcious.

Malachie was appointed by Paul Biya, Cameroon’s President during a partial cabinet reshuffle that was read on National Radio, January 4, 2019. No details has been given about his condition but National Telegraph has confirmed he has been rushed to the Yaoundé Emergency Health Resuscitation Center.

Many of Cameroon’s top-ranking government officials are ailing and have many times collapsed or suffered various malaises in office. Before now, the former Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary now Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, suffered a malaise while in office. Even the Senate President, Marcel Niat Njifenji only recently returned from France for treatment.

Eric Tataw for National Telegraph, USA 
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