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Cameroon’s NTEM Rescues 250 Sea Passengers.

By Eric Tataw – Friday October 25, 2019.

National Telegraph’s secrete stringer captures picture of Cameroon marine officials using the NTEM to rescue 250 passengers from a canoe off the country’s high sea.

A total of 250 passengers traveling on board a canoe from Nigeria, a West African country to Gabon in Central have been picked up off the sea in another Central African country, Cameroon, National Telegraph has been told, Friday October 25, 2019.

On-the-spot reports say they were rescued by the Cameroon Marine forces in Douala, the country’s economic capital. The passengers say they were leaving for Gabon to start a better life since things were getting difficult for them.

Most of those rescued came from West African nations, statistics have shown. Among the 250 passengers, 89 are women (74 from Togo including a 3 and 10-year-old; 14 from Benin and a Nigerian) and 161 are men.

It was thanks to the mobilization of 30 crew members by Commander Toga Fotso of the navy that the passengers were freed using the “NTEM” Ship, eyewitnesses have said, adding that the operation lasted ten hours.

All of the rescued passengers are at the Douala naval base, navy sources have told National Telegraph. As a result of the long travel, some three kids are already hospitalized.

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