Cameroon’s Paul Biya Salutes Landslide Victims With 200M But Completely Neglects SW, NW War Victims.

By Eric Tataw – Wednesday October 30, 2019.

Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji delivers speech at the landslide incident scene as Ministers Célestine Ketcha Courtès (Housing and Urban Development – Mindhu) and Agriculture and Henri Eyebe Ayissi (Agriculture and Rural Development – Minader) look on.

The government of the Central African country of Cameroon has announced the disbursement of the sum of two hundred million (200.000.000) F CFA to victims and families of a landslide that occurred in the country’s West Region.

National Telegraph gathered the incident happened at about 10:30 pm Monday October 28, 2019, at Gouatchié IV, a quarter in Bafoussam Troisieme or III Sub-division.

A total of 150 families will be relocated and will receive the sum of 100 million F CFA for their relocation, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji who’s bearer of a message from President Paul Biya said in Bafoussam, Wednesday October 30, 2019.

Another 100 million F CFA for will be disbursed to families whose loved ones died for the organization of their funerals, National Telegraph on-the-ground secret stringer hinted. President Paul Biya also confirmed the amount on his Facebook page.

Many pundits have expressed surprise at the level of bias publicly displayed by the Cameroon government in handling emergencies in the country’s English-speaking regions vis-à-vis other regions.

Cameroon’s North West and South West have been under a deadly armed conflict for over three years with armed groups battling to restore the statehood of the former British Southern Cameroons now called Ambazonia.

The government has really taken no concrete actions to compensate victims of the armed conflict despite the devastation on families and properties most often said to have been caused by the military.

Over two million (2.000.000) people are either internally displaced or living as refugees in Nigeria and other countries, way over thirteen thousands (13000) killed, over four hundred villages (400) burnt down by the Cameroon military with something in the neighbourhood of five thousand (5000) held as war prisoners across detention facilities in the country.

The government formed an inter-ministerial commission of three ministers following the landslide. The Minister of Housing and Urban Development (Mindhu) – Célestine Ketcha Courtès , Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (Minader) – Henri Eyebe Ayissi, and Minister of Public Health (Minsante) – Manaouda Malachie were all grouped into one commission to visit the site.

Reports say all members of the commission were on site but for the Public Health boss who was represented by the Ministry’s Secretary General, Alim Hayatou. The Commission is set up to do findings and present its results to the Prime Minister, National Telegraph has been told.

The total number of casualties in the landslide have increased and recent updates, Wednesday October 30, 2019, from the site at Gouatchié IV, the precise quarter in Bafoussam where the incident took place put the dead bodies at 43, one up from the 42 by the close of Tuesday October 29, 2019.

Six (6) adult males, ten (10) women; among them four (4) with pregnancies, eleven (11) young boys, fifteen (15) girls are among dead bodies already retrieved. The others are said to be aged persons.

Caterpillars have been stationed on site as the search for survivors  continue for rescue workers dig up mud to see how many more people will be rescued or dead bodies retrieved. In the meantime, family members and friends of those still missing remain in anxieties.

The country’s President, Paul Biya has also in a telegram on Tuesday October 29, 2019, to the Region’s Governor, Awah Fonkam Augustine extended condolences to affected families and has now ordered the disbursement of 200M.

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