Cameroon’s Ritualists Did A Dirty Job At Foto Gouldon!

By Gilbert Aman – Saturday February 9, 2019. 

Cameroon’s Ritualists Did A Dirty Job At Foto Gouldon!

Corpse of unidentified lady found in a waste can in Douala

Inhabitants of Foto Gouldon, in the Nkoulouloun Neighborhood of Douala III Sub-division, Wouri Division, Littoral Region of Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala are in shock following the assassination of a lady of about 20, whose corpse was discovered in a garbage can.

An inhabitant, George Pergo told National Telegraph that the macabre discovery was made by a garbage (waste) disposal agent, in an attempt to dispose of the waste early Friday, February 8, 2019.

The lady who could not be identified at press time was assassinated according to inhabitants. Her corpse was wrapped in a long plastic bag, tied and dumped at the waste disposal point.

The discovery sent shock waves across the entire neighborhood, considered as notorious by Douala city dwellers, National Telegraph has been told.

Police of the New Bell Police district in Douala, upon an alert, descended to the scene for preliminary investigations.

After examination, police say the corpse has not been decapitated but fail to say if there were signs of torture and brutality on her.

The corpse, National Telegraph gathered is presently at the Douala Laquintinie Hospital Mortuary in Akwa, Douala. Meanwhile, investigations have been opened to uncover the circumstances behind her death, National Telegraph has learned.

In the meantime, some locals are making rounds on the streets that the victim must have been killed by ritualists before being dumped.  Dumping dead bodies or newborn babies at garbage disposal points is on a rise in Douala.

In a space of one week, two newborn babies were discovered in a garbage can at Ecole Publique Deido and the New Deido Neighborhood of Douala I Sub-division.

 The babies in both instances were found alive and taken to the Deido District Hospital for medical attention and later handed to the social affairs unit of the hospital for upbringing responsibility, hospital officials told National Telegraph.

Observers have blamed the increase social ills on fallen moral standards and socio-economic hardships in Cameroon. With political revolutions sweeping across the country, crime waves are inevitably on the high.  

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  1. Each time we hear of investigations into this or that matter have been engaged . What we have never succeeded to have is the results. For over 36 years and counting Cameroonians have never gotten any results from any investigations. What is the purpose of always stating, “investigations are being carried out ?” Can anyone tell us when any results from an investigation have ever been made known in Cameroon 🇨🇲? C’est vraiment deguelass! N’importe quoi.

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