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Banyamulenge Accuses DRC Government Of Aiding Mai Mai Fighters Committing Genocide Against Its People.

By Jean-Paul Ruhosha – Washington DC, USA – Friday, December 6, 2019.

On Monday, November 18, 2019, CongoToday participated in a demonstration in Washington DC, USA organized by Mahoro Peace Association against the killing of the Banyamulenge ethnic Tutsis in South Kivu province, DRC.

Congo Today, a non-governmental organization based in the Washington DC Area, USA and Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has participated in a protest organized by Mahoro Peace Association against the killing of the Banyamulenge ethnic Tutsis in South Kivu province, DRC.

Congo Today according to information provided to National Telegraph, strives to create a conflict-free environment, encourage peace and reconciliation among the people of DRC, as pathways to economic development and a sustainable solution to Eastern Congo’s recurring crises.

From Monday November 25, 2019 until today, the Mai Mai fighters have been attacking and killing Banyamulenge ethnic Tutsis in South Kivu province, specifically in the villages of Gakangala, Muliza, Kabingo, Marango, Kalingi, Bivumu, Ruhemba, Karongi, Rwitsankuku, Kagogo and Gahwera of the Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC. 

The latest attacks claimed 35 civilian lives and left 31 injured. Over 400 cows and other property belonging to Banyamulenge cattle keepers were looted by the attackers under the watch of the DRC government forces (FARDC). 

Rather than to intervene and save innocent civilians under attack, the DRC government forces have been either joining or supporting the Mai-Mai fighters against the Banyamulenge.

On November 29, 2019, FARDC attacked the Banyamulenge village of Kagogo. In another case, they supplied arms and ammunitions including rocket-propelled grenades and joined them to launch an attack on Gahwera locality. 

In another attack on Kalingi village, the attackers were given a clear path by FARDC whose position was less than 100 meters away. When the Mai Mai attacked Kigazura locality, they passed through a FARDC military camp. They were given food, arms, and ammunition by the government forces. 

After attacking the village, they went through the same military camp, rested and continued on their way. The attacks on these villages are intensifying as the days go by. 

The deaths and displacement of people are rising at an alarming rate and this is happening under the watch of the UN Peacekeeping force (MONUSCO) whose position is just a few kilometers within the victims’ villages.

Congo Today says it continues to denounce in the strongest terms the barbaric acts targeting the Banyamulenge population in South Kivu Province. We request the international community to hold the DRC government responsible for not only failing to protect its citizens but also conniving with the attackers against its citizens.

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