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Djédaa Businessmen Insist Chad Must Withdraw From Douala Port

By Ali Saleh

Djérou Adoum, 47, a Businessman in Djédaa, in Central Chad who claims to have goods running through the Douala Port said Friday January 11, 2019 that it was about time her Government abandons the Douala Seaport for better sites. Businessmen in Chad have been telling during street and office discussions of the slow nature of things at the Douala Port compounded by bribery and corruption. Top Government officials have been dispatched from Chad to look into the aforementioned details.

Moki Edwin has reported elsewhere that Moise Vokeng of the Professional Transporters Network at the Douala Seaport says importers and exporters are looking for alternatives. “When you arrive at the port and at any checkpoint, from gendarmes to police to customs, you have to pay money, you have to pay heavy money, you do not know why you pay but you must pay before you pass,” Vokeng told Edwin.

Cameroonian officials refuse collecting bribes but Yaya Abdallah, a Chadian driver says corruption is not only a problem inside the port, it stalks drivers on the road as well. He went on that Chadian and CAR drivers say Cameroon’s military and police harass them and drivers pay huge sums of money, which makes their businesses highly unprofitable. While others urge dealings move to Cotonou in Benin, Adoum confirmed to National Telegraph he and his colleagues would move next month.

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