ENEO, Douala Authorities Blamed Over Delays To Clear Roads.

By Gilbert Aman

Roads remain blocked by dangerous cables.

Circulation has been halted at one end of at a junction popularly called Rond Pont Petit Pays in Makepe, neighborhood in Douala V Sub-Division, Wouri Division, Littoral Region of Cameroon’s Economic Capital, Douala.

A road accident had occurred on the spot, late Sunday January 20, 2019, National Telegraph learned. An eyewitness narrated that a private vehicle – TOYOTA RAV4, matriculated LT124 lost control and hit a high tension electric pole which felt on the middle of the road blocking circulation on both ends.

Locals told National Telegraph that the driver, a man in his late 30s, suspected drunk, was coming from the Bonamoussadi neighborhood of the city of Douala when he lost control, hitting the pole.

It’s Monday and Vehicles have not been able to circulate on the stretch of the road for fear of electric shock or other accidents that may occur because of the narrow space available. Only few commercial motorcycles are used to get people across.

Administrative authorities of the area and officials of the electricity distribution company in Cameroon, ENEO have been blamed for failing to clear the roads. Locals told National Telegraph they had been informed but have however taken no concrete actions to clear the danger.

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