Erstwhile Buea University Student Lionizes SASSE College At 80!

Compiled By Eric Tataw – Friday February 1, 2019.

Kwoh Elonge has written a tribute to his alma mater, Sasse College.

St. Joseph’s College, Sasse, an all-men Catholic Mission School located in Sasse, Buea, capital of Cameroon’s South West Region created in1939 by the Mill Hill Missionaries is Eighty (80) years today; Friday, February 1, 2019.

A former student of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication in the University of Buea, Kwoh Elonge who also holds Sasse College is his pet and alma mater, has put pen on paper, celebrating Sasse as it clocks 80 years since its creation.  

“When I got into St. Joseph’s College, Sasse in Form Three, I was coming with a lot of baggage. I had just been dismissed from another boarding school for academic reasons. I was lacking in self-confidence, friendless and profoundly reluctant about going to yet another boarding school; especially one which was exclusively male.

I had just left a place where students were respected for having wealthy parents (especially by the administration), classed and favored by academic performance and made constantly to walk on eggshells in order to impress the different genders. It was an imperfect remake of a caste system. It had its strengths too but none that worked for me.

Then I got to Sasse, a school in which senior students and junior students are lumped together in the same dormitory to deal with hunger, laughter, friendship, cluttered trunks, ‘sour backs’, cold mornings that made bathing a daring feat, late night reading of books in trunk rooms and the acidic smell of urine from mattresses.

This was a school in which I took a container of butter to class on my first day and it got scooped with spoons until I was left with an empty container to live with. Before long I had learned the trick of asking for ‘one bay’ of butter and socked Garri (a type of fast food made from Cassava) from others. And then bend my spoon to form a deeper scoop.  My one bay could actually leave you starving.

In this school, I made mistakes, learned from them, dealt with my insecurities with a support system from friends whom, come to think of it, that word does not do any justice to. I earned my Ordinary and Advanced Level certificates from there (two certificates which now seem useless but for opening doors to the important things).

But this is a school where taste is created, talent is discovered, where for many they come into contact with who they truly are, who they can be, where they want to be. Everywhere I see a SOBAN (A name given to former and current students of the school), I see a brother. Every time I meet a teacher from Sasse, I see a parent.

We might not have been there at the same time, but we share a bloodline and brotherhood of experiences and tradition which is unmatched. Today that brotherhood is 80 years old. This brotherhood has created the single, most significant people, the most loving people, the closest family, the most outstanding gentlemen in this country and beyond.

 SOBANS live by the core values of “faith seeking understanding”. No other group of people understands family-spirit and excellence like SOBANS!!!!! Happy 80th Anniversary to all my brothers!

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