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September 14, 2021

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Explosion Kills Four In Paris Bakery.

By Louis Mbah

Explosion Kills Four In Paris Bakery.

A woman, a Spanish Tourist and two firefighters have been confirmed dead in a gas explosion that occurred at the Hubert Bakery at 6, Rue de Trévise in France’s capital, Paris, Saturday January 12, 2018.

No specific numbers of injured persons have been declared but many persons are said to have sustained injuries. Initially, they were three deads before some thirty (30) firefighters involved in the search discovered the body of a woman bringing the total to four (4).

National Telegraph gathered that firefighters had been informed of a leak in the building when the explosion occurred just before they arrived. Cars and other properties were destroyed as well as installations in nearby streets. Officials in the precinct say the situation is under investigation.

Eric Tataw for National Telegraph, USA
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