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Gambia’s Adama Barrow Calls On Citizens To Shun Tribalism, Embrace Peace, National Unity.

By Patience Loum, Banjul, The Gambia – Friday, November 29, 2019.

Adama Barrow – President of The Gambia.

The President of the Republic of The Gambia, Adama Barrow during his nationwide tour in Bansang, a town in the Central River Division of The Gambia pleaded on all Gambians to refrain from anything associated with tribalism.

President Barrow said tribalism can slow down national development. He noted the issue of tribal notions in any particular country will only discourage its development ambitions.

Barrow furthered a nation can never attain its development objectives if citizens who should be promoting peace and working towards the development of their country allow tribal influence among themselves.

“You can only be a Gambian to love your country and you know that is the only place you have as a country. No matter where you go, you will still remain a Gambian, so the issue of tribalism can never take us anywhere,” he further advised.

Barrow said being a member of any tribe has no importance to the development of the country, adding that one can only be a Gambian if they desire peace and unity in the country.

“What we need as Gambians are to do away from the issue of tribalism and work towards building peace and cohesion among ourselves and know that The Gambia belongs to no one but all of us.”

Barrow said he knows there are people who want to become president of The Gambia with immediate effect, adding “I am informing them to maintain peace and wait for the 2021 election and know that there is never a backdoor to state house but only a front door,” he concluded.

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