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Gambia’s APRC Leaders Hit President Adama Barrow.

By Patience Loum, Banjul, The Gambia – Thursday, January 16, 2020.

Adama Barrow – President of The Gambia

Members of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), a political party in the Gambia founded by army officers who staged a coup in 1994 have issued a statement stating the party’s noninvolvement in the recent demonstration by ‘Gambia For Five Years Movement.

In the same statement, they accused Gambia’s President Adama Barrow of a dirty scheme in the Gambia For Five Years’ protest. The pressure group dubbed ‘Gambia For Five Years And Peace-Building’, running an agenda to help Gambia’s President stay in power launched a protest to support President Adama Barrow and press for Barrow to remain in power as prescribed by the constitution.

Thousands have demanded the President peacefully steps down and respect his promises. Adama Barrow made a promise to the coalition members back in 2016 that he would rule for three years after which he will hand over power to other political parties. He has now denied the allegations made against him saying he will rule for five years instead.

APRC issued a statement through its spokesman in the Diaspora, Lamin Tamba after pictures appeared online and in newspapers showing images of its members at the match. Below is the full message.  

Lamin said the pictures said to have circulated online are fake and a deliberate act by Barrow’s people, adding the banner designs are the same as the remnants of the coalition – GPDP/NCP, the fonts, borders, shades of clothes, the colours, the style of letters. 

“This couldn’t have been rogue elements that turned up from nowhere and infiltrated the march. They won’t have had identical designs to the one from BYM/BFC cronies.” Lamin said. 

He also described the act as hallmarks of a pre-planned operation, designed to cause disrepute and malice to APRC Party and to deceive Gambians and non-Gambian who don’t support or believe in Barrow’s failed agenda. “Oh, so they believe the significance of the APRC when Barrow and his pack of wolves are trying to devour the green and healthy APRC? Outrageous!, he echoed. 

Thieves of intellect! Fraud of the highest order! IEC should be informed and formal action should be taken against registered organisers of the fraudulent and aimless 5 Years Movement, Lamin also stated in the statement. 

Adding to the statement, deputy spokesman of the party Dodou Jah said: “Those who were holding the banner with APRC’s name are people who like to make propaganda for the president by claiming APRC is in support of the constitution.”

Dodou Jah furthered that; “We have been very clear about that. We are not part of 3 or 5 years. Those people with that banner are not recognised by the APRC; we are even trying to find out who they are because they were not representing the APRC. We have nothing to hide. If we want to support 3 or 5 years, we will come clear and say so.”

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