How Is Paul Biya Feeling After ‘Acrimonious’ Letter From Sisiku, Others?

By Aaron Yancho Kaah – Tuesday March 5, 2019.

How Is Paul Biya Feeling After ‘Acrimonious’ Letter From Sisiku, Others?

Pro-Independence activists of the two English-speaking regions designed this poster.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius now referred to as the President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and nine others are amongst twelve persons who were arrested in Nera, a hotel in Abuja, Nigeria on Friday, January 5, 2018. They would later be extradited to Yaoundé, Cameroon, an act that has been described as a bootleg.

 They’re being accused of fueling an armed conflict that has broken out in in the two English-speaking regions of the North West and South West of Cameroon. They’ve all denounced their Cameroonian Nationality, insisting that they’re of Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia, a self-proclaimed new nation.

The Federal High Court of Abuja in Nigeria on Friday, March 1, 2019, handed down a decisive judgment in a matter pitting the Nigerian Government and the tensome in which, amongst others, the Judge ordered that they should be returned to Nigeria, describing their deportation as illegal.

Few days after, they have written a commanding letter against all odds despite still being held in Kondegui, a detention facility in the Cameroonian capital of Yaoundé.  Below is the full text of the three-page letter titled, Ambazonia Freedom Protocol dated February 28, 2019;


On behalf of the people of the British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia), everyone who by accident of History have ancestral roots in the territory from the shores of Ambas Bay on the Atlantic Coast of Bimbia  in the South, to the banks of the River Akon in the North, or whom without criminal intent or prejudice against  the communities in the area choose to become part of the communities in this territories.

To our generation and the rest of humankind, we make this solemn commitment today.

1)We shall pick up and bind together the pieces of our communities mutilated by slave trade, defaced by colonialism and battered by neocolonialism.

  2 ) We shall as all other peoples for whom the accident of History created the international legal framework to exist as independent people, exercise their right to Independence to its fullest exten –aware of our past experiences without prejudice.

3) We apologize to women for the shameful way humankind has treated them for most of Human History, and we commit to total respect of women without qualification.

4) We apologize for the marginalization and the mistreatment of minority communities in most societies throughout Human History and we commit to total equality and respect without qualification to all differently abled and every other minority of individuals or groups.

5) We apologize to those who have been mistreated and hurt physically, mentally and emotionally by tribalism and we commit to total equality and respect without qualification for all tribes and cultures.

  6) We are aware of the richness and advancement in the quality of life of a society when the labour of all individuals is valued fairly and encouraged along with wisdom from the cultural contributions of communities and tribes.

7) We commit to building a society that cultivates peace and harmony through respect for Human Rights and equitable sharing of the rich resources of our land. We shall work continuously to create avenues for prosperity and the wellbeing of all.

8) We commit to engage the Pan-African Struggle with the full resolve and to stand in solidarity with all people around the world fighting for their dignities against neocolonialism.

9) We are done being balanced from one colonial chess-board to another and assert unequivocally that going forward. for Ambazonia, it shall be Total Independence or Resistance Forever.

Signed leadership of Ambazonia in prison.”

It’s worth noting that the two English-speaking regions of the North West and South West have remained tensed following an armed conflict in which the majority of the Anglophones are asking for an Independent State called Ambazonia.

Anglophone militias have been battling regular Cameroon soldiers in a move they’ve called; Self-Defense. During this process, several persons have been killed, others displaced, some jailed, hundreds of houses torched, amongst others.

The million-dollar question is; how would Paul Biya, 86, Cameroon’s President since 1982 feel after reading this letter he might consider ‘Acrimonious’? With this letter, it’s clear that the military isn’t a solution to the current armed conflict, political pundits have told National Telegraph.


  1. Powerful.

    Our leaders are more determined that when they were out here with us. This is the
    genuine togetherness, strength, resolve, and defiance that defines the finest of Ambazonias.

    Yes Sirs, so say we all.

    It’s a new dawn and a new reality, we are completing the journey of our ancestors.

  2. Let our armies be the trees and the seas. The winds and the sun. They will fight for us even if we are all killed for standing on the side of justice. GOD BLESS AMBAZONIA

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