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Jail Term Hangs Over Uganda’s Top Presidential Election Candidate.

By Sarah Mazirwe – Kampala, Uganda, Monday August 24, 2020.

Bobi Wine – Presidential aspirant and leader of Uganda’s National Unity Party.

A jail term is dangling over one of Uganda’s top presidential aspirants for the East African country’s 2021 election, National Telegraph has confirmed.

A controversial Ugandan city lawyer Male Mabirizi has vowed to block a popstar turned politician, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine from appearing on presidential ballot paper and serving jail time over mistrust and lying about his age. 

According to Section 115 of the Penal Code Act and Section 76(b) of Registration of persons Act 15 giving false information is a criminal offence. 

Mabirizi said he will sue Bobi Wine for providing false information which on conviction, one is liable to an imprisonment term of five years. 


Mabirizi on August 10, 2020, petitioned the country’s Electoral Commission to avail him with academic qualifications details.

However, according to the academic qualifications availed by the Electoral Commission to Mabirizi over the weekend, there is a difference in ages.

Makerere University academic transcript shows Bobi Wine’s birth date as June 12, 1980 which is against February 12,1982 –  what he registered while contesting for the Kyandondo East by-election member of Parliament in 2017.


“My aim is to ensure that Kyagulanyi doesn’t appear on the presidential ballot papers and am going to do this by instituting a private prosecution against him,” Mabirizi said.

Mabirizi said he doubts the potential of a person to lead a country when he failed Mathematics with ‘Fail 9’ at O level and General Paper at A level with ‘Pass 7’.

“We can’t allow our country to be ruled by somebody who’s not transparent. He told Electoral Commission that he was born in 1982 while at Makerere University, his documents show that he was born in 1980,” Mabirizi asserted. 


Bobi Wine over the time has always said he holds Bachelor’s degree of Arts from Makerere University which was challenged last month when a one socialite Zari Hassan asked about his credentials to lead a country. 

However, Bobi Wine holds Diploma of Music Dance and Drama from Makerere University which he obtained in 2003 according to the transcript from Makerere University availed by Electoral Commission. 

Bobi Wine has been fully nominated as the sole candidate for National Unity Platform to contest against President Museveni early 2021 in presidential elections.

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