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Liberia’s George Weah Set To Dismiss Key Officials.

By Tina S. Mehnpaine – Monrovia, Liberia, Thursday, December 12, 2019.

Mulbah Morlu – Chairman of Liberia’s ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The President of the West African country of Liberia will dismiss key officials within his cabinet, Chairman of Liberia’s ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Mulbah Morlu has said in a press statement.

Mulbah Morlu, while addressing key national issues the CDC government is going through, said the government can not remain silent on the current crises the country and citizens are going through.

Morlu again said the government has not forgotten it came to power by the majority votes of its citizens, noting though they came to power when the economy was broke.

He echoed the government is aware of the present Economic declined/crises they can’t ignore the cry of the citizens, adding it will grant the citizens’ wishes.

As George M. Weah often said “His government took over a Broke Economy” and because of this crisis, the government is taking a very important decision.”

He also stressed on corruption, saying that the CDC government will fight against corruption and no public officials of government will get away with acts of corruption.

He opined that for Real changes to occur in the Government, some government officials not working for the interest of the country should be dismissed. 

He stated President George M. Weah will dismiss some key officials of government, but didn’t mention the names of officials to be dismissed nor how soon.

Pundits, however, say the CDC Chair’s outing is provocative. They wonder how in the wake of the crisis the country is going through, President George Weah has not spoken to his people.

Mulbah Morlu is the party Chairman, not the government Chairman and in these hard times the people want to hear from their president but he has failed to speak to the Liberian people, many said.

Others insist the party is different from the Government and at such Mulbah Morlu shouldn’t have made this key point on issues affecting the country and government.

The Weah administration has come under fierce criticisms in recent times with complaints of extreme economic hardship. Banks are running dry and families and businesses can barely survive.

A protest to demand Weah’s resignation is scheduled for December 30, 2019, but the administration has employed all within its means to foil it.

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